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How to Prep for a Flawless Live Event

Updated: Jul 13

  • Preparation is the key to planning a successful event. This article will review some of the most important tips for live event planning.

  • Define the scope of your event early on. Be sure to set clear goals and expectations that will guide you through the process.

  • Proper marketing of your event is important to draw the right audience.

  • Rehearse as much as possible. Ample rehearsal time will prevent the greatest amount of issues down the line.

The planning phase is arguably the most important event production process. Unlike regular video production, you only get one take. Everything has to be highly orchestrated up front.

Plan Your Live Content

  • Thoroughly understand the needs and expectations of your target audience. Before putting pen to paper, gather insights!

  • If you know your intended audience well, move on to defining your objectives, KPIs, success indicators, content requirements, and other important details. Write all of this detail into a briefing document. Whether hiring a company like Gradient or setting out independently, your briefing document should always be step one. The best plan begins with a detailed brief that a random party can read through and understand.

  • Create a detailed outline of the flow and structure of your livestream event. Determine the sequence of topics, transitions, and interactive elements.

  • Incorporate storytelling techniques to make your content compelling and memorable. Share relatable anecdotes, case studies, or personal experiences that will resonate with your audience.

  • Plan a detailed work-back timeline that includes key approval dates, drop-dead dates, and execution tasks specific to your event.

  • Build a production schedule. Break down the timing for everything on the event day and set clear scheduling guidelines for everyone involved. This prevents any confusion on site and helps keep everything on schedule.

Test Your Equipment and Network Connections

  • Ensure your gear’s functionality. Something as simple as a broken cable can completely upend your setup if not caught early.

  • Build a mock version of your show. If time permits, setting up your show well in advance allows you to catch any missing components.

  • Confirm your camera settings and placement ahead of time, then test your shots. Having to move a camera at the last minute can completely derail a show.

  • Check your audio quality and functionality. Bad audio can ruin an otherwise well-put-together show.

  • Test your internet and network connections. Note where your venue provides access points for the network and plan your setup around this. If you need to set up an internet connection, run a speedtest using the same network port you will use during the show.

  • Simulate live conditions when rehearsing. This will ensure you account for unforeseen issues. Set up and monitor the test stream to ensure all audio and video elements translate well to their final destination.

Promote and Generate Hype

A crucial step in preparing for any event is creating buzz and anticipation. A robust promotional strategy can increase the chances of attracting a larger and more engaged audience. Virtual livestream events need strong pre-event marketing to ensure potential viewers take notice. Pre-event marketing campaigns can make a huge impact on your event's success.

  • Leverage your website, blog, and social media channels to promote the event. Create dedicated event pages with compelling visuals and share event details or sneak peeks on social media.

  • Utilize your email list and reach out to your subscribers with event details. Make sure these invitations are crafted to be intriguing and personalized.

  • Collaborate with influencers, experts, or complementary brands to amplify your reach. Encourage them to create teaser content or participate as guest speakers.

  • Additionally, consider sending timely reminders leading up to the event. Use services like Constant Contact or reach out to Gradient to help you in this process. Our expert event marketing team offers pre-event marketing services to our clients.

When Gradient partnered with Golden Goose to plan their "LA Golden Spirit" event, we knew that drawing an engaged Gen Z audience in person and online would require a strong pre-event strategy. Using these tactics increased average engagement from the target demographic (U.S Gen-Z) by x4. It resulted in over 1 Billion social impressions.

Rehearse and Refine

  • Plan a full day for load-in and testing before the event date. If your budget allows, you should also have a day to rehearse with the talent, ensuring they are familiar with the show structure and prepared for their segment.

  • Pay attention to the overall timing of your presentation and ensure it fits the planned duration. Time your full show run-through and make adjustments where necessary.

  • Hold detailed pre-production meetings with your crew. This ensures everyone is prepared for the show well in advance and cuts down on briefing time on site. If you have any third-party hires, make sure you vet them thoroughly.

  • Familiarize yourself with all the technology and tools you'll use during the livestream, even at a very high level. This is important and impacts your ability to communicate with third party vendors.

  • Test screen sharing, graphics overlays, and any other features you plan to incorporate. If possible, have your graphics programmed before the show to reduce your workload on site. Ensure your tech team is ready to anticipate any potential technical challenges and have contingency plans.

  • After the rehearsal, seek constructive feedback from your clients and trusted colleagues. Assess the performance objectively and make necessary adjustments to refine your content, delivery, and overall presentation.

Reach Out to Gradient About Live Events

At Gradient Experiential, we pride ourselves on crafting exciting events and flawless live streams. Our expert team has shown their ability to plan for every possible consideration time and time again, whether for exclusively IRL events or live video productions. Partner with Gradient Experience to create a thorough and clear action plan for your event.

For inquiries on live production, you can use our inquiry form here, call our office line at (212) 997-9742, or email us at

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