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Gradient is a creative agency with experiential marketing at its core, founded on the belief that strong emotions generated during an experience create longer lasting connections between humans and brands.


Gradient’s in-house experts that include producers, designers, strategists and innovators, work together with a whole brain approach to guide our clients towards the extraordinary.


From livestream to IRL (in real life) experiences and all the content that supports them, Gradient empowers marketers to thrive in a world that constantly evolves.


Partners dedicated to "Whole Brain Integration"

Anthony Coppers

Founder & Head of Innovation

It’s not just about where you are today, but where you could be tomorrow. 

Art runs in the family: Son of two photographers and brother of an artist.

Nationality: Belgian, American

Pauline Oudin

Managing Director & Partner

Makes the ship sail smoothly.

Has a Cordon Bleu cooking degree.

Nationality: French, American

Jeremy Rumeld

Head of Production & Partner

This is where it actually gets done. On time. On Budget. Zero stress for the client.

Started at the company as an intern.

Nationality: American

(someone has to be)

Colin McKenzie

Head of Account Services & Partner

Want to get attention and feel some GRADIENT love? Look no further.

Got married wearing a kilt.

Nationality: British


Gradient was created from the desire to connect humans to brands through engaging experiences.  We strategically integrate best-in-class teams and technology, in an open environment of sustainable collaboration to create for the future. Our whole brain approach empowers our teams and clients to thrive in an ecosystem that’s different from one day to the next.

The importance of Collaboration, Pride and Joy are the fundamental beliefs upon which Gradient is based. We believe excellence is born from the push and pull of cross-department collaboration.

We also believe in creating a positive impact on the world around us. Since 2018, Gradient has ensured all of its activities and projects are carbon neutral, and we constantly strive to reduce our impact to its very minimum.

About Gradient Experiential


Christie's 20th Century Sale - Eventex 2021 - Gold Award in Best Virtual Event

Legent - Hermes 2021 - Gold Award in Best Live or Virtual Event

JAB Global Meeting - Hermes 2021 - Gold Award in Best Special Event

CD&R Global Meeting - Eventex 2021 - Silver Award in Best Virtual Event: Financial Services

House of Suntory Tiny House - A'Design Award 2021 - Silver Award in Best Event Design

House of Suntory Tiny House - A'Design Award 2019 - Silver Award in Event and Happening Design

Maybelline House - Event Marketer's Winner 2019 - Experience Design and Technology Awards

Clinique ID - WindowsWear Winner 2019 - Best AR/VR Experience

Luxlife - Winner 2018 - Most Innovative Experiential Firm

Louis XIII - Winner 2018 - Best Consumer Tour

Nordstrom - Winner 2018 - Best In-Store Experience

Dom Perignon - Winner 2017 - Best Product Launch

Air France - Winner 2017 - Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


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